Distance Craniosacral Therapy

What does it mean? 

Distance Therapy is energetic telehealth that works through space and time, where neither dimension is a factor, and the therapeutic value occurs and is felt in real time. As a result, Distance Therapy provides a safe way of connecting with a practitioner of energy work through the living universal matrix, all while you remain in the privacy of your own home. 

How is it possible?

Everything is energy, which means that all living things, people, animals, plants, cells are energetic. All have a surrounding energetic aura/biofield, and since they are all a part of the earth’s energetic field, we are all connected. 

The universe, then, is an energetic matrix, and we as humans are a part of the matrix, expressing life energy through our soul and physical body.

We not only have a physical body with our specific anatomy– heart, lungs, liver, musculoskeletal system, etc.– but we also have an energetic anatomy: aura/biofield, chakras, and meridians. These are the energetic system components the physical body is dependent on. Consequently, we have a full energetic body anatomy within our physical body. In fact, Edgar Cayce said that the physical is the result of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

These energetic realities are foundational to Distance Therapy. Specifically, the reason why Distance Therapy is possible is because we are all energetically connected. The two governing principles that make this connectivity possible are Interdependency and Interconnectedness.

Interdependency means that we are all dependent on the earth’s magnetic / energetic field for the natural energetic rhythms in our bodies and even our complete life processes. 

Interconnectedness means that we living beings are all connected on an energetic level, not simply emotional and physical ones. And, because we are all interconnected energetically, energy healing works through distance.

How does it work?

The Distance Therapy sessions are meant to clear your body of energy that is congested and stagnant, energy that is not serving your highest life purpose. These can be energies that are trapped, stuck from unprocessed, unresolved emotional experiences, negative feelings, and traumas, and they compromise the flow of energy within your energetic body anatomy. Because they have direct bearing on your material body, they cause your physical symptoms and the expression of your current physical state of less than perfect health. These symptoms show up as pain and many other physical and mental ailments: headaches, anxiety, depression, brain fog, loss of concentration, memory loss, TMJ, neck pain, back pain, insomnia, etc.  

What does a Distance Therapy session look like?

I would prefer to schedule it for a time when you can be in a relaxed place where you can choose to be seated or in a reclined state. After setting your appointment, new clients will need to download and return by email a filled out intake form. 

I like to be connected by phone or Skype during the session. This allows us to address any questions that arise as well as gives you the opportunity to share any sensations or memories. Alternatively, you may get very relaxed and not wish to speak. This is also fine. I will tune into your body and listen at various points just as I would in a physical office visit. For adults and teens, the appointments are available for 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions and allows for some additional flex time as dictated by the body for completion or additional discussion. Book an appointment here.