Return to Center – Distance Healing

The practice of balancing your bio-energetic field from a distance. You do not have to come to me!

Available for all people and animals – Distance healing work to address issues of your concern by releasing from your energy field blockages or weaknesses supporting your current state of being. Free Your Soul! Live in joy! Return To Center!

As part of each distance healing, we will first cleanse the auric field, balance the meridians, glands and organs, and the chakras. We will listen for any imbalances in the craniosacral system. We then address any specific issues you specify, looking to resolve the originating stressor on the body/mind/soul system, whether it is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue. This release or balancing allows these various parts of the field to operate with greater harmony.  This balancing work can also clear issues from your family line, as is appropriate for the highest good of all.

Please email me from 1 to 3 of your most pressing concerns or issues that you would like to address. Please include a picture of you in the email. You are also welcome to text a photo, if this is easier.

I will work on these issues in a 30 minute block for $30.
Please submit payment through paypal to pathways2h[removethisspace]@[removethisspace]
It is easy to create a paypal account if you do not already have one.

If you wish to sign up for multiple sessions, feel free to include additional issues or concerns from your life.