Cayce Remedies

Edgar Cayce readings dictate a number of home remedies for common issues.

Potato Eye Poultice is a ½ hour procedure aimed at treating cataracts or infections of the eye.  The poultice draws impurities from the eye tissue and clarifies the membranes around the eyes.  It is followed by alkalizing the eye area and applying a violet ray to the closed eyelid.

Glyco Thymoline TM Pack is a ½ hour procedure to help with sinus congestion and infection.  Rolled cotton is saturated with Glycothmoline.  The cotton is placed directly on the forehead, closed eyes, nose and cheek.

Turpentine Pack is a ½ hour procedure which treats kidney infections and kidney stones.  Pure gum spirits from health food stores is used in a pack.

Castor Oil Pack is an application of castor oil on a flannel pack is applied to various parts of the body.  The most common placement is on the abdomen.  The pack is an Edgar Cayce remedy for all types of problems:  lymph flow, inflammation, congestion, constipation, liver, kidney and pelvic disorders.  ***Instructions will be given so that the pack can be continued to be used at home.***