Empowering You on Your Pathway to Health!

Join me as together we access your inner wisdom and release unconscious holding patterns allowing you greater clarity and a “Return To Center!”

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is alight touch technique designed to enhance the overall functioning of the central nervous system through its impact on the cerebrospinal fluids that encase the brain, spine, and their surrounding membranes.

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Energy Balancing

Energetic Balancing is a therapy that entails smoothing out the client’s energy field and then going into deeper work such as chakra balancing.

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Massage is an experience tailor-made for each client.  The therapist “listens”to the person’s body-mind story and adapts the techniques accordingly.  The rhythm and tempo of the massage is designed to complement the client’s needs.  

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A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears and their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.

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Distance Healing

The practice of balancing your bio-energetic field from a distance. You do not have to come to me!  Available for all people and animals – Distance healing work to address issues of your concern by releasing from your energy field blockages or weaknesses supporting your current state of being. 

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The best quality essential oils, flower essences, EMF protection and more.

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Marcus' Latest Blog Posts

Some of my latest posts…

Human Energy Field

A friend recently wrote me asking for a simple clarification of Barbara Brennan’s explanation of the Human Energy Field and how it is not layers of an onion. She said it was for a “friend”, and …
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Heart Meditation

Today a massage client presented with pain the the right shoulder/upper back. During the massage, she mentioned being active in the head. I shared a simple meditative focus to move out of the head and…
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The Power of Sound

I watched Tom Kenyon’s movie, Song of the New Earth, last night. I found it to be a fascinating mix of personal story and teaching as well as sound healing therapy for each observer. It is about…
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Marcus Walther, BCTMB, LMT

My passion is encouraging and teaching others to feel and understand their empowerment in terms of health, healing and wellness.  I am a certified massage therapist as well as an energy worker and craniosacral therapist.  I am continually amazed at what I learn from the body intelligence.   It is very exciting!  My overall goal is to educate and empower individuals about their own personal health and well-being. Thank You for Your interest.

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Comments from my Clients

Just a short note to express my deepest gratitude for your gifted hands! After the massage session with you in late June I was able to walk without pain for over 2 weeks! What a wonderful experience for me! I look forward to see you again.

J.S. Ellicott City, MD

Marcus’s cranial sacral / intuitive work goes so deep – soul level deep – and has uprooted energetic cords that were no longer serving my body.  In instant rapport with my body, he is able to assist it in re-patterning.  A visit with Marcus at the A.R.E. Health Center is a must whenever I am blessed to make it to the A.R.E. Congress.

C.S. Delray Beach ,FL

From the first time I met Marcus, I felt so safe and comfortable in his presence. Each one of my sessions have been a little different but each one has been an amazing and enlightening experience. I always leave with a sense of lightness and the inner knowledge that something quite special has just taken place. Marcus works with honesty, unconditional love and great integrity. He has an amazing gift that has been fine tuned to an extremely high standard. I would recommend his service to anyone. He is an exceptional healer.

S.C. Auckland, New Zealand

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Office Location

My office is located at 101 N Lynnhaven Road, Suite 205, Virginia Beach, VA 23452