Just a short note to express my deepest gratitude for your gifted hands! After the massage session with you in late June I was able to walk without pain for over 2 weeks! What a wonderful experience for me! I look forward to see you again.

J.S. Ellicott City, MD

Marcus’s cranial sacral / intuitive work goes so deep – soul level deep – and has uprooted energetic cords that were no longer serving my body.  In instant rapport with my body, he is able to assist it in re-patterning.  A visit with Marcus at the A.R.E. Health Center is a must whenever I am blessed to make it to the A.R.E. Congress.

C.S. Delray Beach ,FL

From the first time I met Marcus, I felt so safe and comfortable in his presence. Each one of my sessions have been a little different but each one has been an amazing and enlightening experience. I always leave with a sense of lightness and the inner knowledge that something quite special has just taken place. Marcus works with honesty, unconditional love and great integrity. He has an amazing gift that has been fine tuned to an extremely high standard. I would recommend his service to anyone. He is an exceptional healer.

S.C. Auckland, New Zealand

When I once again started having neuro-muscular symptoms, I was reluctant to go to a neurologist; I didn’t want my life to become a series of medical tests and medications. Two friends recommended Marcus to me. One of them said he had a special gift for cranial sacral therapy.

During the six weeks he treated me, my nervous system settled; my body’s internal thermostat, which had been out of whack for several years, returned to normal; the firing of my pre-frontal cortex improved, and the pain and fluid in my left ear abated. In addition, my scrawled handwriting became legible, and I started to sleep longer and more deeply.

Whether more than symptoms have been treated, I don’t know, but I’ve preferred this peaceful, natural route to a cocktail of medications that would probably cause unwanted side effects.

T.P. Virginia Beach, VA

Marcus has the skill and the gift to invite the deep essence of the person on his table to relax deeply and unwind sometimes ancient patterns. You’ll never be the same.

D.C. Virginia Beach, VA

Marcus Walther is someone who knows how healing energies work, whether the person or animal in need is present or at a distance. I was having pain in my hips and unsure whether I could walk, let alone take an out of town trip I needed to make. Marcus worked on me at a distance and the whole trip was without pain, and it never came back.
My old cat had been having a lot of pain and bother with an ear infection. The veterinarian said that there was a very expensive operation they could do, but they couldn’t be sure that would take care of it, and that she would come out of it completely deaf. Marcus worked on her and it wasn’t long before she died quietly and peacefully in her sleep. What happened was what God wanted. That’s what happens when the healer is in tune with the divine.

J.B. Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks for the great craniosacral work. Please enjoy my enclosed music CD for relaxation.

L.H. Milton, DE

I was so excited to tell you that the pain is gone !!! That pain that was in the lower half of my body, the bladder and probably everything,  the pain is gone  !! I have more energy.   I actually feel like cleaning  the house ! Can’t wait for the 19th at 3.   I deeply appreciate the work we are doing and your loving genius. 

N.J. Virginia Beach, VA

After I fell and broke, no, smashed my arm 5 weeks ago, I have gone to many insurance provided physical therapy appointments. This week I found myself in pain and unable to sleep. I decided to get help from Marcus. After only 20 minutes, I felt profound relaxation and increased comfort. The pain in my elbow decreased and I was able to sleep through the night.

K.M. Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you again, Marcus, for the helpful, clearing, and restorative session on Sunday. You are so attuned and your words resonated a pattern that needs to be re-aligned.  Your sensitivity and focus is remarkable, and I am most grateful for your help in returning me to myself.
Bless you and your work.

J.H. Hawley, PA

Thank you for all your help. When I awoke the morning after my last appointment, my shoulders had what I can only term ‘a new awareness’. As I was lying in bed my shoulders went ‘back’ and I took out my pillow because my head also wanted to go ‘back’. When I’m vertical my body still falls into its old ‘practiced’ position, but now I have the awareness. I can change it.

D.A. Essex, MA