We all deal with it. And many of the issues that we have are based in resistance. And it is a resistance to being present, resistance to feeling, inability for the nervous system to handle the flood of information. And the resistance also affects other parts of the body, not just the physical. The body is an electrical system and has mental, emotional, spiritual and physical parts, all interconnected.. 


In my art of listening to the body, in my art of bodywork, I am working with the divine in you. Your electrical system is alive and flows with the energy of all creation. When you experience trauma, shocks or other conditions in your environment, your system (or some part of it such as the mind) does not have the time or the capability to fully process all the thoughts, emotions or other issues in the moment and the information is stored in the body. This “memory” takes energy to maintain and creates over time restrictions in the way we perceive and respond to the world. These restrictions show up in many possible ways for each of us. These restrictions are in physical tissues, which affects movement, bodily fluid flow (blood, lymph, etc), confidence (mental), and also hold unexpressed emotions. You can also understand how these restrictions and tension affect organ function.


As we begin to unravel or let go of any restrictions, the parts of us that seek to keep us safe continue to use tools that distract from the trauma or situation. We seek to maintain the status quo and the level of perceived safety in holding the tension. Distractions and habitual parts come up. Go smoke, eat something, play that video game, anything to avoid feeling what the body is holding. Be aware of this as you pursue any healing modality. Your resistance will show up. Recognize it. Commend it in protecting you. Slow down. Slow your breathing. Ground into the earth. Be present. It is your journey. 


An interview I watched recently expressed all this deeply. Perhaps you would enjoy learning more:

Finding Your Authentic Voice, Guest: Maryn Azoff | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #131 


Thank you for all you be in this now. Thank you for exploring your inner world. 

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