January 2024 Update

Good day! We are at a new dawn. I’ve been under tremendous stress the last few months caring for my elderly parents, arranging our Christmas trip to my sister’s in San Diego, managing my business and life. The stress has increased with the passing of my father on January 10th. […]

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We all deal with it. And many of the issues that we have are based in resistance. And it is a resistance to being present, resistance to feeling, inability for the nervous system to handle the flood of information. And the resistance also affects other parts of the body, not […]

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Improving and Enhancing Athletic Performance

athletic performance

There are so many great modalities out there for athletes to tap into these days, especially with regard to injury prevention and treatment. Many have been around for decades, and even centuries such as Acupuncture, TCM, Naturopathic Medicine, and Cryotherapy. Here’s one more modality that’s might be a little lesser known, but not […]

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Craniosacral Therapy provides a boost to immune function

Here are some resources to gain understanding into how craniosacral therapy can assist the immune system. Releasing restrictions for better fluid flow and exchange allows greater health. Learn more in the articles and studies below, or experience it by booking an appointment. The glymphatic system https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4636982/ https://www.iahe.com/docs/articles/Missing_link_found_between_brain,_immune_system;_major_disease_.pdf https://www.iahe.com/docs/articles/structural-and-functional-features-of-centeral-nervous-system-lymphatics.pdf Linking the […]

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Craniosacral Therapy and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

There can be many symptoms of PTSD. Here are 7 main symptoms: 1. Insomnia can result when the joints of the head and neck become jammed due to extreme backward or forward bending of the head during a traumatic occurrence. CST is used to release these pressures and improve the efficiency […]

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Sharing a post written by my friend, Peter Stekl, who I met many years ago in Arizona while attending the School of Heart Awakening. Thank you, Peter. This is the awareness you build as you deal with health challenges, relationship challenges, work challenges, etc., and it is helpful to be […]

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I share this with you, as it may resonate. I seek to assist others in standing strong and clear. The bodywork I offer assists in releasing old fears, trapped emotions and other constricting patterns leading to doubt and fear. Doubt and fear are symptoms. You can stand clear and free. […]

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What you want others to see

If you know me, you may be surprised to find out that I have anxiety. I think I mask it quite well. And until rather recently, I didn’t even recognize that I was using it as a mask. I seem to come across as confident and self-assured, and in some […]

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Safety Protocols

      Your health and wellbeing is our highest priority. We are using the most up to date precautions to keep you and our staff safe and well. We are asking you and our staff to use these following protocols to avoid any transmission of the virus: Safe Care […]

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