Changes in Latitude !

Dear Clients and Friends, I have some news! It is with a strange mix of fear of change and awakening acceptance, that I wish to let you know that my wife and I are moving out of town. I am relocating my business to the DC area of northern Virginia, […]

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We are Open! Office Protocols

  Your health and wellbeing is our highest priority. In compliance with the CDC, the Virginia Department of Health, and Virginia Beach health department guidelines, we are using the most up to date precautions to keep you and our staff safe and well. We are asking you and our staff […]

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Closed off. Pain. Health: What do these have in common?

Your tissues speak to you, your body speaks to you. It’s usually not in English, or other verbal languages. We feel pain, tension, aches, itches, tickles, cramps, uneasiness, dizziness, etc. All are signs from the nervous system communicating imbalance. Do we listen to what the body wants? Learn the language of the body […]

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Human Energy Field

A friend recently wrote me asking for a simple clarification of Barbara Brennan’s explanation of the Human Energy Field and how it is not layers of an onion. She said it was for a “friend”, and for her. Here is the passage from the Barbara Brennan material: “Many people have […]

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Heart Meditation

Today a massage client presented with pain the the right shoulder/upper back. During the massage, she mentioned being active in the head. I shared a simple meditative focus to move out of the head and into the heart. Perhaps this can be a useful tool for you. Take a few […]

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The Power of Sound

I watched Tom Kenyon’s movie, Song of the New Earth, last night. I found it to be a fascinating mix of personal story and teaching as well as sound healing therapy for each observer. It is about Tom Kenyon and the power of sound. I am also amazed to realize […]

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