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I injured myself lifting my bike out of the car and had to cancel the July trip to Virginia Beach. Thank you for all your well wishes. I have rescheduled the trip to Virginia Beach and am coming down later this month.

I am offering integrative bodywork sessions in Virginia Beach, VA. bi-monthly. The next dates are August 26 and 27, 2022.

My services include energy balancing, craniosacral therapy and massage. I often incorporate essential oils into the session. My specialty is craniosacral therapy and I am offering 60 minute and 90 minute appointments. A 2 hour integrative body-soothing session is also available. This 2 hour time allows for an intuitively guided flow of various modalities for soothing and aligning your body, mind and soul. You will feel refreshed and transformed.

1 hour Energy Balancing/Reiki          $80
1 hour Craniosacral Therapy             $80
1.5 hour Craniosacral Therapy          $116
1.5 hour Integrative Massage            $116
2 Hours
Integrative Soothe Massage              $152

Distance Craniosacral Therapy appointments are also available. 1 hour for $80.

I am available for appointments on Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm, and am located in:

Journey Bodyworks
522 S Independence Blvd
Suite 201
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

You may call, text or email to set up an appointment. Contact information is at the bottom of the page. Please let me know if you have any questions. I welcome referrals of friends and relatives who resonate with my work. I look forward to seeing you!

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